Dappy Hats. An Epidemic.

That is a Dappy Hat. It is so called because of a member of a ”band” who is called Dappy. He wears these ridiculous woolen hats that make him look like an idiot. Sorry, Make him look like more of an idiot. I first started to notice the outbreak of these ridiculous hats in school. More and More people started to wear them. I was confused until my friend sadhbh and me were sitting down and saw a person with the hat on. Sadhbh said ‘ah look at dappy there’ My confusion lifted and i realised it was down to a simple thing. Society. I went downtown that weekend and saw about 30 people wearing Dappy Hats. I thought that the world has gone insane. Why would you want to wear those things?? They make you look Retarded. Im sorry if you own one of these hats and are offended, but they truly make me want to tear out my hair in frustration about how far this epidemic has gone. You remember the neon epidemic i assume? The only people who should be wearing these hats are people who live in the north of Canada or Russians.

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